1: 10th July – Ladders of Regulation


Session Outline

This training has been designed to provide education professionals with a tool to support children that maybe struggling with emotional dysregulation due to sensory processing.

As a result, this child presents as either disengaged and bored – or overactive and stressed.

Learning Objectives:

  • To ‘dip our toe’ into understanding sensory processing
  • To explore the world through the lens of sensory processing
  • To review how sensory processing presents in the classroom – hyper and hypo reactive
  • To explore how sensory ladders relate to these presentations
  • To explore a step-by-step method of creating a sensory ladder of individualised support
  • To review examples of ladders and how they can be used by the child and in the classroom


  • Sensory ladder Toolkit
  • Moving Up and Down (the Ladder) Activities
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