Sensory-based Organising Cards


Let’s give the child the tools to regulate their own nervous system, with sensory-motor activities!

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Helping children that struggle to organise and plan themselves


This resource pack, has been created to give the facilitator activities to help the child’s nervous system regulate – through sensory-based movements.  They are ideal for those children that need regular movement breaks throughout the day, to prevent their nervous system becoming overwhelmed.  Organising activities are in general:

  • Rhythmic;
  • Use muscles for the ‘heavy work’ of pushing or pulling against resistance; and
  • Activities that require motor sensory processing and balance activities, requiring the child to organise their body – plan their approach, and do more than one thing at a time in a sequential order.

How to use the pack:

  • Brain-break

To help individual children regain focus, if they are beginning to dysregulate and need a brain-break.  Have these on a keyring for the child, so that they know the activities to do, without needing adult support.  They should always have 1 calming activity to end.

  • Sensory-based Intervention

Simply, print them off – laminate and use them with Velcro to form a lesson plan, or on a keyring for individual children.  You will also need access to the Alerting and Calming Activity Cards.

The lesson structure:

  • Beginning:  2 x Alerting Activity Cards
  • Middle: 2 x Organising Activity Cards
  • End: 1 x Calming Activity Card


  • To regulate sensory overwhelm
  • To prevent sensory overwhelm
  • To help a child to regain focus

In the Pack:

  • 18 Sensory-based Organising Activity Cards

Number of Pages: 4

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format: High Quality PDF File



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