1: 1st June – Running Yoga Interventions


Welcome to Running Yoga Interventions

This training aims to equip non-specialist participants with the knowledge and practical skills needed to utilise yoga as a tool for enhancing a child’s physical and emotional well-being. Through a comprehensive exploration of yoga’s components and their physiological effects, attendees will leave confident in being able to run a 1:1 or small group intervention.

Children that would benefit from this intervention include those that struggle with their:

  • Core strength and therefore unable to sit still in one position for too long
  • Gross or fine motor skills, which are impacting on their ability to write eligible sentences
  • Focus and attention for sustained periods of time
  • Planning and organising of tasks
  • Emotional needs – in recognising changes of states or how to regulate down from them

This unique yoga intervention focuses on the physical and emotional development of:

  • Core Strength and Postural Stability (gross and fine motor skills)
  • Motor Planning (sequencing and planning)
  • Emotional Regulation (parasympathetic poses)
Learning Outcomes:
  • To understand the link between Sensory Integration and Yoga Poses
  • To understand the Autonomic Nervous System and how Yoga Poses supports a child’s well-being
  • To explore specific regulating postures, breathing exercises, and mindfulness activities support a child’s emotional development
  • To explore how these postures can also improve a child’s physical development #core #fine #gross #posture
  • To review considerations, including sensory differences, neurodivergent profiles, and hypermobility
  • To understand how to plan a bespoke intervention, based on profiling the needs of the individual child #assessment

Resources Included:

  • Assessments to baseline and monitor progress
  • Yoga cards
  • On-line Yoga Videos
  • Breathing exercises
  • Mindfulness, Grounding, and Visualisation Packs
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