2: 13th May – Tree of Life Interventions


Welcome to Running a Tree of Life Intervention

Session Outline

The Tree of Life is a psychosocial support tool underpinned by narrative therapy.

Originally developed to support vulnerable children in East and Southern Africa, ToL draws on the metaphor of a tree, taken from Zimbabwean folklore and collective narrative practice to support groups and communities to overcome difficult life experiences.

In this this session we will explore the Tree of Life narrative therapy approach in the context of a school-based social and emotional intervention.

Who would benefit from this intervention?

This is a great intervention for children struggling with low self-esteem and confidence, including social and emotional difficulties. It can be run as a one off session, or over a term.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand the core principles of Tree of Life narrative therapy.
  • To explore the growing research of how this approach has been applied in schools.
  • To identify the symbolic meaning of each element of the tree: roots, trunk, branches, leaves, fruit, and storms.
  • To explore how to
  • To explore the suitability of this intervention as a social and emotional tool
  • To explore how a session would be run as a 1:1 to focus on a particular difficulty (e.g., poor self-esteem)
  • To explore how a session would be run as a small group (e.g., building friendships)

Resources Included:

  • Overview of session structure
  • Prompt questions and extension ideas

Training Information:  This is a Live + Recorded Training Session

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