Sand Tray Interventions (Live)

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This training is aimed at professionals looking for a creative way to support the emotional needs of a child, especially those with attachment needs. It’s a perfect platform for an intervention. Just like the therapeutic art-based intervention, this can be used to form the basis of a 6-week/term programme.

Sand tray therapy provides an alternative mode of expression, facilitating emotional processing through play. Sand is very tactile and grounding.

It not only offers that tactile stimulation, but also play – which is great to form trusting attachment styles.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the foundational principles of running a therapeutic sand tray-based interventions
  • Understand attachment dynamics and how these impact on this type of intervention
  • Identify suitability of this intervention for emotionally dysregulated children/young people
  • Review how sand tray-based techniques can aid emotional regulation and attachment needs
  • Explore the process of running a 30 minute session with a child/young person
  • Review the practical considerations of running a session – including the environment, self-care, and equipment needed
  • Review case study examples

Sand trays offer a valuable intervention method for supporting children who may find it challenging to express their emotions verbally. This effectiveness stems from their ability to provide a non-verbal outlet for expression, create a safe and comforting space, encourage creativity and imaginative play, and promote a sensory experience that helps with emotional understanding.