River of Relaxation



River of Relaxation


  • To feel a sense of relaxation
  • To use a guided visualisation to achieve a calm, balanced state
  • To understand the power of music, to achieve a calm, balanced state


This resource pack contains a guided meditation, a music video for relaxation, and a music relaxation (each are 5 minutes long).  The goal, is to provide the child with a choice of relaxation tools to calm their nervous system -aka- emotions.

I would recommend that you start with the guided meditation, when the child is already calm.  Do the relaxation with the child – so that you can help them, if they are unsure.  Then, you have the music – if the child wants to achieve a calmness, without the words.  The body will take them there.

This pack contains:

  • A 5 minute guided meditation session
  • A 5 minute relaxation music video
  • A 5 minute relaxation music session


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