Restorative Justice Systems in Schools


Do traditional behaviour systems work?  If so, why is their a growing need for alternative provisions?  Let’s explore another way.

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This training resource pack grounds participants in the principles of Restorative Practice within schools to support all learners. The aim of Restorative Practice is to alleviate problems such as bullying, poor behaviour within the classroom, low attendance, anti-social behaviour, and disputes between students.

Objectives of the training:

  • What is the traditional approach to Behaviour Management? #Teachers’ Standards
  • What is Restorative Justice and How does it Differ from Traditional Approaches?
  • What is the problem with ‘Punishment’? Let’s explore the Neuroscience!
  • What would a Restorative Approach look like in Schools

Resources Included:

To support you on your journey to establishing a Restorative Approach in School – this pack also contains:

  • Restorative Questions Lanyard Resource Pack
  • Resolving Unhelpful Thinking Patterns Resource Pack
  • Restorative Reflection Resource Pack
  • A Restorative Approach to Conflict Resource Pack
  • Well-being Support Plan (inc. example pack)
  • CPD Certificate of Attendance

Duration of Training:  2 hrs 10 mins

Access:  Once purchased, you have unlimited access to this training pack