Unhelpful Thinking Patterns Pack


Are our actions based on a negative pattern of behaviour?  Is it helpful or not?  Let’s find out …

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Helping children recognise their negative thought patterns


This resource pack has been created, to unpick why a young person may act or feel so negative about the world around them.  It is based on principles of cognitive distortions or ‘unhelpful thinking styles’ within CBT – that impact on the way their thoughts can become biased.  


  • To understand which negative thought patterns a young person has
  • To understand methods of taking each negative thought patterns and seeing how it can be resolved

In the Pack:

  • Resource Pack Guide
  • Unhelpful Thinking Style Cards x 10 (including 10 visual aids)
  • Helpful Ways to Think Cards x 8
  • Resolution Table

Number of Pages: 11

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format: High Quality PDF File


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