Heart-beat Music


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Helping children feel calm by listening to a relaxed heart-beat


This 1 hour relaxing music video is a mixture of slow heart-beats, moving graphic particles, and calm music at 50 bpm.  This is ideal to play in the background to a therapeutic session, or part of the child’s well-being plan.

How it can be used:

  • During a relaxation or meditation session
  • To calm the child at the beginning/middle/end of an intervention session
  • To use to build knowledge of Interoception


  • To calm the nervous system using relaxing music of less than 50 bpm
  • To calm the nervous system using heart-beat sound of 60 bpm
  • To build awareness of own heart-beat (interoception)

In the Pack:

  • You’ll be provided with a PDF link to a Vimeo music video that you can download onto any device.

Duration:  1hr

Format: Vimeo Music Video


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