Vagus Nerve Stimulation


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The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for promoting relaxation, rest, and restoration in the body. Its activities are often referred to as “rest and digest” responses, in contrast to the sympathetic nervous system’s “fight, fawn, or flight” responses. The parasympathetic system helps to counterbalance the effects of the sympathetic system, creating a balance that promotes overall well-being.

In this training we explore the power of self-massage techniques to activate the parasympathetic system into rest, digest, and heal.  These extremely effective techniques that can be modelled to children, so that they can use them anytime they are feeling overwhelmed.

  • Training Duration:  1 hr 12 mins


Training Outcomes

Training Outcomes:

  • What is the neuroscience behind touch?
  • What is the impact reduced experiences has on social interactions and emotional dysregulation?
  • What effective techniques/strategies can we teach children that they can use each day?
  • What is the link between these techniques and activating the parasympathetic nervous system?
  • How can these strategies be used in small groups/whole classroom situations?

Resources Included

Resources Included:

  • The Power of Massage Exercises (PDF)

How to Access the Training

How to Access the Training

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