Problem -v- Reactions (Chimp)


Let’s explore the most appropriate reaction, based on the size of the problem.


Welcome to the Problem – v- Reaction Pack

We all over react at times, don’t we?

With this selection of activities – we explore, the most appropriate reaction, based on the size of the problem.  It is broken down into steps – so that they child fully understands each part of the process.  It should be used as a teaching tool – giving the child knowledge and skills into understanding social expectations.

If the child’s reaction is consistently a 4 and aggressive – there needs to be additional support put in place, to help the child regulate their nervous system throughout the day.

It shouldn’t be expected, that they can achieve this independently.  Note – this isn’t focused on changing the child.  The aim of this activity pack is to give the child self-awareness.






  • To link a problem with a named feeling (linked to Bounce Emotional Scale)
  • To understand that problems activate an emotional response
  • To link a problem with a feeling and then scale/size it
  • To understand that the reaction to the problem, should be based on the size of it


Pack Details

In the Pack:

  • Activity 1:  Grouping the Problem:
    • Problem Grouping Activity Mats
    • Problem scenario cards
    • Emotion Word Cards


  • Activity 2:  Size of the Problem:
    • Size of the Problem Activity Mat
    • Scaling Problem Cards


  • Activity 3:  My Reaction:
    • My Reaction to the Problem Mat
    • Reaction Cards

Number of Pages: 27

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format: High Quality PDF File