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Welcome to Preventing Negative Behaviours Training – Recorded Webinar

Emotional intelligence and understanding the Theory of Mind are crucial when it comes to preventing negative behaviour in others and repairing conflicts.  In this training we will explore why some children struggle and thereafter, how we can help them.

Learning Objectives

  • Emotional intelligence The Theory of Mind
  • Understanding the Theory of Mind
  • Seeing Emotional Intelligence as a Continuum #levels
  • Emotional Intelligence + Executive Functions
  • Case Study: Meet Sid and What’s Behind Sid’s Behaviour
  • Identifying Emotional Intelligence ‘Skill Gaps
  • Building Emotional Intelligence Skills (developmentally)
  • Repairing Conflict to Prevent Patterns of Negative Behaviour (without Shame)
  • Final Thoughts

Resources Included:

  • Emotional Activation Scale
  • A Restorative Approach to Conflict
  • Resolving an Unhelpful Thinking Pattern
  • Velcro Visuals for Reflection Pack
  • The Reflection Pack
  • The Reflection Pack Guide
  • Proactive Solution Sheet
  • Problem Solving Plan
  • Positive Belief System Cards

Format: PDF


Training Duration:  1 hr 24 mins


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