Play-based Warm-up Activity Cards


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This pack has been created to give the facilitator 2-minute fun focused activities – to engage a child prior to an intervention.  It’s like a Starter for a lesson – that isn’t a lesson, as it’s a therapeutic intervention …but you know what I mean.  Some children need a short focused task, to ground them into the room – ready to engage with a session.  This is ideal for them!

You’ll need access to:

  • Lego/bricks
  • Play-doh
  • Construction kits


  • To focus on a creative activity for 2-minutes
  • To ground their attention on a new activity
  • To start a session in a fun, creative way
  • To build trust

In the Pack

  • 54 two minute building activity cards

Number of Pages:  9

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format:  High quality PDF file


Things you can use these cards with:



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