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Based in Eastbourne, our Integrated Therapeutic Outreach Service is dedicated to supporting students who face challenges that impact on their ability to access full-time education.

This service is an 8-week intervention that is tailored to address a range of social, emotional, and mental health difficulties.

Here’s why this Outreach Service stands out:

  • Measurable: The success of our 8-week intervention is measured through the voice of the student, parent, and professional.  By actively listening to their feedback on a regular basis, we ensure that our approach leads to sustainable progress.
  • Empowerment: Our comprehensive intervention goes beyond short-term fixes. We focus on empowering the student with lifelong skills that can be applied across various aspects of their lives.
  • Support: Our service also offers access to our Membership Area, so that the student, family, and professional can have on-going access to therapeutic techniques, practical strategies, and support services.
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