On-line Strategies

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Welcome to the On-line Emotional Regulation Strategies.

Here you will find a huge bank of guided video tutorials of evidenced-based approaches for emotional regulation.

These are ideal if you are looking for effective ways to empower children in regulating their emotions and you would like a toolkit of ideas.

The video tutorials include:

  • Breathwork:  Belly breathing, rhythmic breathing, thinking reassuring thoughts, and guided belly breathing
  • Meditations:  Release and let go, Guided Sleep, Becoming Happiness, Thought Meditation, and River of Relaxation
  • Bilateral:  Positive bilateral affirmation bilateral beats, bilateral blips, butterfly hug, and binaural and bilateral beats
  • Applied Relaxation Technique:  Guided relaxation session
  • Grounding:  Covering eyes technique, the A-Z technique, body-scan technique, the 4-Elements technique
  • Vagus Nerve: Shoulders and eyes technique and neck and ear technique
  • Tapping:  An EFT Tapping Sequence and PDF outline of the sequence