Mindfulness Toolkit


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A selection of co-regulating activities


This creative mindfulness toolkit focuses on relaxation techniques for young people to watch, listen to, and follow. They do not contain a voice-over – they are a selection of calming graphics, with music, and visual text.

Simply, select one you’d like to follow – click on the PDF image, which will take you to a private MP4 video.  Watch the video, listen to the music and talk through the process with the young person.


  • To be able to regulate emotions effectively through health strategies
  • To be able to ground and self-sooth emotional needs
  • To be able to focus and concentrate over a period of sustained time
  • To understand the importance of stillness

Mindfulness Videos are perfect to incorporate throughout the day, to balance and calm the nervous system. Ideal for times of transition in a school day, a yoga intervention, or at home-time, – just before bed:

  • Particles – Noticing the Breath (2:17 mins)
  • Calming Jellyfish – Controlling the Breath (3:30 mins)
  • The Butterfly – Progressive Muscle Relaxation & Breathing (2:55 mins)
  • Lights – 4-4-8 Breathing Technique (2: 55 mins)
  • Sky at Night – 20 minutes of video and calming music
  • Calming Jellyfish – 21 minutes of video and calming music

Simply, click on the image and it will direct you to Vimeo for you to watch, on any device. These videos are best watched in a darkened room, with no distractions.

Number of Videos: 7

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format: PDF File with Hyperlinks to Private High Quality MP4 Music Videos



  1. Nicci Hall (store manager)

    Such a fantastic resource, visual, egaging and with supportive information about how to use it.

  2. Marina Malcolm (store manager)

    Fantastic resource, love it. Thank you so much, it will be used regularly with the children that I work with and I will definitely be recommending it to others.

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