Metaphors of Emotion



Welcome to Metaphors of Emotion Resource Pack

Metaphors are like stories or comparisons that help explain feelings and thoughts.

This resource uses photographic scenarios to offer children a visual representation of what might be happening in their minds. It provides a simpler way to discuss complex situations.

How to Use this Pack:

  1. Print and laminate for durability.
  2. Ask the child to show you how they are feeling right now.  Using known objectives or the question prompts in the pack.
  3. Then, according to the session’s goal, ask them how they feel in a specific scenario.


  • Objective: To understanding why a child is struggling with friendships. Scenario: “Point to the picture that shows how you feel when you are with your friends/at breaktime.”
  • Objective: To understanding why a child is struggling to focus and stay in the classroom. Scenario: “I can see you’re having a hard time in lessons, is that right? Let’s use these pictures to help me understand how lessons feel to you.”




  • To encourage children to articulate and express their feelings using visual aids.
  • To understand a child’s emotions and experiences in various social contexts
  • To enhance a child’s ability to communicate complex emotions and experiences by associating them with visual representations.
  • To help identify specific situations or triggers that impact a child’s emotional state or behaviour.
  • To encourage self-awareness by allowing children to recognise and express their emotions more clearly.

In the Pack

This pack contains:

  • 12 Question Prompt Cards
  • 12 x visual metaphors for ‘Wobbly’ (links to scale)
  • 12 x visual metaphors for ‘Angry’ (links to scale)
  • 12 x visual metaphors for ‘Sadness’ (links to scale)

Font: Arial

Format: High Quality PDF File

Number of Pages:  9