Managing Demand Avoidance (Live)

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Managing a child unable to cope with any demand put on them, is very challenging and isolating. This talk explores effective approaches used in educational settings.

Pulling together strategies used within special education settings, this specialist talk explores different styles of managing demand avoidance in children and young people. We will dip our toe into PDA – however, this training is focusing on demand avoidance and therefore applicable to anyone interested in this topic.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What is the difference between avoidant behaviour and anxiety?
  • Exploring individualised approaches to managing children with demand avoidance
  • An awareness of how the flow of the day can impact on a child’s ability to cope with their emotions.
  • Exploring practical techniques to manage emotions, including; visual aids, drama, using dens, the power of play, and relaxation techniques.

Included Resources:

  • Managing Demand Avoidance Toolkit (PDF)
  • Sensory Checklist (PDF)

Did you know?  Family, Professional and School Members can access this live training for FREE! Learn More

Training Objectives

Training Objectives:

  • To understand how Demand Avoidance presents to on-lookers, parents/carers, professionals, and the child
  • My personal experience being a parent of a child with a PDA Profile
  • Explore how it feels to have Demand Avoidance
  • Explore the neuroscience behind Demand Avoidance and Overwhelm
  • Understand how to re-wire and reset the system – so that the child is able to dip their toe into a demand
  • Explore the impact of the sensory system on a dysregulated system
  • Review how to use the Managing Demand Avoidance Toolkit and Sensory Needs Checklist
  • Top tips and Final Thoughts

Resources included:

Resources included:

  • Managing Demand Avoidance Toolkit (PDF)
  • Sensory Needs Checklist (PDF)

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3 reviews for Managing Demand Avoidance (Live)

  1. Laura,

    “I have so many things I’d like to write about right now, I have been struggling to decide which to type first but without doubt the most pivotal moment for us in the last month has come from the ‘Child Therapy Service CIC’.

    I found out about this through a random pop-up on Facebook advertising a webinar about Pathological Demand Avoidance which immediately caught my attention. When I clicked on the link it sounded really informative and I bought a ticket to attend. I am so glad that I did.

    My husband and I sat together one evening and listened/watched the webinar and although we have done a great deal of research into this condition we learnt more from the training and not only information about the brain processes of PDA but useful strategies to put in place at home backed up by a resource pack where a lot of the preparation has been completed already. We were truly impressed and the following day I messaged Tracy (the lady behind The Child Therapy Service) to tell her so and explain some of the complications we were finding at home.

    We received a very supportive tailored message back promptly with further ideas to support our son and not only that, the reasoning behind why they were being suggested and how to implement them. I am truly grateful to this lady to the point I’ve told EVERYBODY I’ve spoken to. If you are reading this and thinking, well that’s great but PDA is not relevant to my child, please still check out this page as there is an abundance of support for so many varying conditions. There is upcoming training for Autism, Anxiety and Challenging behaviour. Search on Facebook for ‘Child Therapy Service CIC’”

  2. Victoria (verified owner)

    Amazing resources and insightful training so easy to understand.

  3. Toca Ivy Swales

    Tracy’s webinars are jampacked with real up to date knowledge and information. She creates her webinars using a very clear, concise and easy to understand approach. She is passionate about helping children and offers realistic strategies to try straight away. I have already adopted one of her strategies from the ‘Managing Demand Avoidance’ webinar and that’s …’dip their toe in..’. 😊 So easy to use when choosing your battles and making the right choices! Thank you Tracy

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