Positive Affirmation Audio

Patterns of behaviour take time to establish.  But, with this resource – it’s easy.  Simply, sit back – listen and repeat the positivity!


Welcome to the Positive Affirmation Bilateral Sounds Resource

This audio music compilation – pulls together bilateral beats, binaural music, and positive affirmation statements.  Neuropathways take time to establish, so – let’s re-write them into a positive belief system!

If you’re working with a young person, that feels insecure and lacks confidence – then have this planned into their day.  Listen to it for 30 days and then see the positive changes happen!

How it works:

  • The bilateral beats calm the physical nervous system
  • The binaural music relaxes the mind
  • The positive ‘I am’ statements talk directly to the subconscious mind
  • Repeating this process over 30 days – re-wires the subconscious mind into believing the statements

So, if you would like the young person to say that ‘they are amazing,’  ‘they are good enough’, and ‘have inner power’ – this is for you!





  • To aid in relaxation
  • To improve mood
  • To change neuropathways of negative belief systems into positive ones
  • To improve self-esteem and confidence


How to use:  

  • Find a quiet place, safe place, and get comfortable.
  • Wearing a headset, begin to listen to the music.
  • Close your eyes or wear an eye mask (to reduce visual stimuli).
  • Follow the guided instructions on the audio
  • Repeat the positive affirmations as you hear them
  • The positive affirmation statements will be repeated 3 times, lasting a total of 15 minutes – ideal to listen to in the morning, or last thing at night