Linking Facial Expressions with Tone of Voice


Some skills need to be explicitly taught

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Helping children understand verbal and non-verbal cues


This pack has been created to give a creative way of exploring how facial expressions and tone of voice are often interlinked.  It has been designed so that the child can begin to read facial expressions as a way of understanding a person’s feelings.

It is ideal for children that misread situations and struggle with empathy, whereby misreading social cues and tone of voice – thereafter responding in a way that hurts the other person’s feelings.  It is the beginning of developing a skill, it needs to be part of an on-going support system.  For some children, social skills are an explicit skill and skills take time to develop.

Activity 1 – Objectives:

  • To be able to hear tone of voice
  • To be able to link the tone of voice with an emotion

Activity 2 – Objectives:

  • To be able to understand tone of voice
  • To be able to link tone of voice to a facial expression
  • To express tone of voice to facial expressions
  • To change body language based on the tone of voice

In the Pack:

  • A series of downloadable MP4 videos each with a different voice and set of images
  • Question prompt cards to go with the videos – discussing how the facial expressions change with the tone of voice

Is the tone of voice happy or sad? … does the picture match with the tone of voice?  Why not …

Number of Videos: 7

Question Prompt Cards: 30

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format: High Quality PDF File (10 pages) and MP4 videos (7 videos)



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