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Welcome to the Lego-based Intervention Bumper Resource Pack

Lego therapy interventions are designed to foster social and communication skills in children.

This BUMPER Lego-based Intervention Toolkit has been created to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to run a 6-week intervention.  It is recommended that you attend the live training, so that you fully understand how to apply them in your setting.

The interventions are aimed at improving:

  • Emotional regulation
  • Social skills
  • Communication
  • Interoception
  • Teamwork

UPDATED with speech and language visual cards!  February 2024


Objectives Include:

  • To facilitate opportunities to support a child’s social and emotional development
  • To improve emotional regulation strategies
  • To improve emotional literacy skills
  • To build team-building skills
  • To improve social skills

In the Pack

This pack contains:

Assessment Bundle

  • Lego-style Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (2 pages)
  • Bespoke Assessment Tracker (1 page)
  • Individual Education Plan (Editable – 1 page)
  • Positive Social Behaviours Assessment Tracker (1 page)
  • Social Skills Assessment Tracker (1 page)
  • Social Skills Assessment Checklist (1 page)

Emotional Check-in Resources

  • I Feel Lego Character (6 pages)
  • Co-regulation Prompt Cards (4 pages)
  • Lego Emotional Dial (4 pages)
  • Lego Style Emotion Bricks, Scales, Strips, and Fans (linked to Bounce Framework – 10 pages)

Session Resources

  • Job Role and Posters (22 pages)
  • Behavioural Expectations (22 pages)
  • Brick Names (3 pages)
  • 72 Energising and Creation Idea Cards (12 pages)
  • Session Outline Cards (4 pages)

SLCN Focused Resources

  • Lego Session Outline – Visual Cards
  • Lego Job Guideline Cards (step by step)
  • Lego Outline of Session Visual Aid
  • Lego Therapy Concept Mats
  • SLCN Clarification Cards

Additional Resources

  • Parent Consent Letter (editable – 1 page)
  • Lego Certificates (4 pages)

Copyright and License

Google Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
Pauline Delaney
Pauline Delaney
I always enjoy zoom sessions with Tracy and her guest speakers; they're always informative without being preachy and are completely non-judgemental. She has such insight and empathy as to the needs of the children - and adults - that we're trying to help and a huge part of this is questioning what 'help' is needed in the first place, and how this can be delivered in a meaningful and non-damaging way.
Ailsa Boot
Ailsa Boot
Running a Lego-Based Therapy Intervention training was excellent. So much great advice and the ability to ask questions live and receive detailed helpful answers. Brilliant for practitioners starting out and wondering where to begin - lots of links to support resources as well. Highly recommended!
Mikylla Elshof
Mikylla Elshof
Tracy is incredibly passionate about her work and this showed through the live Lego Therapy intervention training and help and support both before and after the live session. I found the intervention training really useful and can apply it straight to my setting. I won't hesitate to do further training with her.
Kathleen Maloney
Kathleen Maloney
I felt the training was a good intro to Lego Therapy. I would have liked more examples of what an actual session would look like.
Aimee Honeywell
Aimee Honeywell
very informative and enthusiastic. excellent resources
maria scali
maria scali
*loved this course, it was so easy to follow and the presentation was fantastic
Senco Gurukula
Senco Gurukula
Very helpful and informative.
Emily Waller
Emily Waller
Great course on Lego therapy intervention, I particularly liked how this can support objectives within an EHCP, highly recommend.
Amy Winter
Amy Winter
Fantastic Lego Intervention training delivered by Tracy. Very informative and enjoyable.

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