Lego-based Body Scan


Give the child a voice is expressing their needs.

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Helping children identify emotions in their body


This resource pack, is designed to give the child a visual representation to the physical sensations they maybe experiencing due to anxiety and fear.  Stress is real and it can be the most debilitating experience – if this is happening, the child needs a voice to communicate it.  This should be used in conjunction with the Visual Coping Cards and/or the Grounding Cards – so that the child has a bank of techniques to help them feel safe and regulated again.


  • To name the physical sensations caused by emotions
  • To label where the physical sensations are in the body

In the Pack:

  • Lego-style outline
  • Widgit Physical Sensations of anxiety and fear

Number of Pages: 5

Font:  Arial

Format: Widgit Visuals High Quality PDF File



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