Keyring Emotions (Lego-Style)



Welcome to the Keyring Emotions Pack

This resource pack has been created to provide children (and supporting adults) with a quick visual aid to help support a child’s emotions. Once laminated, these can be used on a keyring for the child’s access or on a lanyard for an adult to wear.

The colours correspond to the scale, and the images correspond to the Lego-style characters.

If the child struggles to recognise or correctly identify their emotions, please use the Interoception/Body Scan resource to help them first connect to the physical sensations.

How to use:

  1. Print and laminate for durability.
  2. With the child, select the style that works for them.
  3. Create a keyring for the child to use independently.
  4. When the child is becoming dysregulated, the aim is that they communicate this to a trusted adult – using a visual card.
  5. The adult then co-regulates with the child, to help them process that emotion.




  • To help children identify and recognise their emotions by associating them with visual cues.
  • To aid in managing and regulating emotional responses (through co-regulation).
  • To help children to become more aware of their emotional states.
  • To help children express emotions by providing a visual reference that makes it easier to communicate feelings.

In the Pack

This pack contains:

  • 12 x Widgit Emotions
  • 12 x Emoji Emotions
  • 12 x Animal Photograph Emotions
  • 12 x People Photograph Emotions
  • 12 x Blank Emotions Cards (to create own)
  • 6 x Vegetable Emoji Emotions
  • Set of Bounce Character Emotion Cards

Font: Open Dyslexic

Format: High Quality PDF File

Number of Pages:  13