Keyring Emotions (Bounce)



Welcome to the Keyring Emotions Pack

This resource pack has been created to provide children (and supporting adults) with a quick visual aid to help support a child’s emotions. Once laminated, these can be used on a keyring for the child’s access or on a lanyard for an adult to wear.

The colours correspond to the scale, and the images correspond to the Bounce characters.

If the child struggles to recognise or correctly identify their emotions, please use the Interoception/Body Scan resource to help them first connect to the physical sensations.

How to use:

  1. Print and laminate for durability.
  2. With the child, select the style that works for them.
  3. Create a keyring for the child to use independently.
  4. When the child is becoming dysregulated, the aim is that they communicate this to a trusted adult – using a visual card.
  5. The adult then co-regulates with the child, to help them process that emotion.




  • To help children identify and recognise their emotions by associating them with visual cues.
  • To aid in managing and regulating emotional responses (through co-regulation).
  • To help children to become more aware of their emotional states.
  • To help children express emotions by providing a visual reference that makes it easier to communicate feelings.

In the Pack

This pack contains:

  • 12 x Widgit Emotions
  • 12 x Emoji Emotions
  • 12 x Animal Photograph Emotions
  • 12 x People Photograph Emotions
  • 12 x Blank Emotions Cards (to create own)
  • 6 x Vegetable Emoji Emotions
  • Set of Bounce Character Emotion Cards

Font: Open Dyslexic

Format: High Quality PDF File

Number of Pages:  13