In My Control Pack



In My Control Pack


  • To understand what is in my control
  • To understand what is out of my control
  • To focus on what is in my control
  • To let go of things that are out of my control


The ‘In My Control’ pack is a great tool to use with children that feel the need to control their external environment.  This may include people, objects, situations, and/or routines. It gives the child perspective over what they should control and things they don’t need to worry about.

Once the child and the facilitator goes through the image cards – the facilitator can then explore particular areas in more detail.  For example, if a child was to select ‘friends’ and put it into the ‘Things I can Control’ section of the table/circle.  Then, the adult can understand why the child may be struggling with peers – this provides a great opportunity to explore friendships in more detail.

It is also good to reflect on negative behaviours.  However, this is only effective if the child is able to control their emotions.  For example, if the child has had a melt-down and kicked out at someone, they were not in control over themselves – and this is not a choice.  Therefore, reflecting on this behaviour would be ineffective and result in shaming.  Which is not the objective of this pack.

This pack contains:

  • Sorting Table – What is in your Control?
  • Sorting Circle – My Circle of Control
  • Visuals (people, objects, situations, and routines) x  84 cards

Number of pages: 13

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