Improving Separation Anxiety

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While separation anxiety is a typical developmental phase, it can vary in intensity and duration for different children. Most children gradually outgrow separation anxiety as they develop increased independence and a broader understanding of their caregiver’s return. However, for some children, separation anxiety may persist or become more pronounced, requiring additional support and guidance.

In this training, we will explore the concept of ‘soft-landings‘ – as one approach to supporting these children.

  • Training Duration:  1 hr

Training Outcomes

Training Outcomes:

  • Discussing separation anxiety and it’s purpose for a child – introducing the anxiety cycle
  • Assessment of need – how can we meet need, if we don’t know it?
  • The benefits of early or delayed starts
  • Looking at fun interventions
  • The difficulties of reduced times tables
  • Using mentoring systems
  • Understanding non-verbal cues
  • Why transition objects are effective
  • The process of Meet + Greet
  • Final thoughts …


Resources Includes:

  • Assessment of Need
  • Pupil Voice

How to Access the Training

How to Access the Training

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2 reviews for Improving Separation Anxiety

  1. Lisa Stanley (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A beaming light with clear, practical guidance for a keen parent looking to make changes having challenges with huge separation anxiety. Child cantered. Able to institute and bring school on board to boot. So far so good.

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