Improving Attachment through Play


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Attachment is a clinical term used to describe “a lasting psychological connectedness between human beings” (Bowlby, 1997)

It highlights the importance of a child’s emotional bond with their primary caregivers. Disruption to or loss of this bond can affect a child emotionally and psychologically into adulthood and have an impact on their future relationships. (NSPCC)

In this training, we will explore this in more detail – looking at how we, as caregivers, can support a child’s development.



  • Training Duration: 1 hr

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Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

  • Why are early attachment opportunities important?
  • What are the attachment styles we grow up with?
  • Why understanding neuro-science is important in building strong attachments with others
  • How can we used attachment-focused play to support children in building trusted relationships with others?
  • How do we create a circle of trust in a attachment-based play session?
  • Which type of play should be used – based on their attachment needs? #casestudy

Resources Included

Resources Included:

  • Grounding Techniques Checklist
  • Grounding Techniques – Physical, Visual, and Soothing
  • Nurturing Trust through Play

Format:  PDF


How to Access the Training

How to Access the Training

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