Building Trust through Play


Why do we need secure attachments and how can we use play-based activities to form new neuro-pathways to form them?



This training has been created, to provide an insight into what ‘attachment’ is and how we can facilitate opportunities for the child to form secure attachments with others, via play-based interactions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Why are early attachment opportunities important?
  • What are the attachment styles we grow up with?
  • Why understanding neuro-science is important in building strong attachments with others
  • How can we used attachment-focused play to support children in building trusted relationships with others?
  • How do we create a circle of trust in a attachment-based play session?
  • Which type of play should be used – based on their attachment needs? #casestudy

Included Resources:

  • Grounding Techniques:  Visualisations, Physical Techniques, and Self-soothing/Comforting Resource Packs
  • Nurturing through Trust Resource Pack
  • CPD Certificate

Duration of Training:  1 hr 7 mins

Access:  Once purchased, you have unlimited access to this training


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