Identifying Provision for Children with Attachment Difficulties


How can we support a child that does trust us?  Let’s find out!

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This training has been created, to help the adult – family or professional, understand how to meet the needs of a child that is struggling with their attachment bonds.   We demystify what attachment really means – so that we can put effective provision in place to help the child feel safe.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Why do we Need to Understand Attachment?
  • What is Attachment Injury?
  • What is a Relational Template?
  • Understanding a Secure Caregiver
  • Understanding an Avoidant Attachment Style
  • Supporting a Child with Avoidant Attachment
  • Understanding an Ambivalent Attachment Style
  • Supporting a Child with an Ambivalent Attachment
  • Understanding a Disorganised Attachment Style
  • Supporting Children with Attachment Needs #provision
  • Final thoughts

Duration of this Training:  1 hr 4 mins

Access:  Once purchased, you have unlimited access to this training


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