Identifying Emotional Overwhelm


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Giving children a visual way to communicate if the emotional overwhelm is based on sensory, cognitive, and/or social expectations


Is the emotional trigger caused by a sensory need, a cognitive overwhelm, or a social expectation? Let’s find out!

This is not a diagnostic tool – it is a voice for a dysregulated child, that doesn’t know why they feel what they feel.  It is a perfect tool to see if the child’s triggers are due to a sensory need, cognitive processing – or even social anxiety.  The aim thereafter, is to put together a wellbeing plan that reduces or removes these – so that the child can reach their potential.


  • To being to understand triggers that activate the nervous system
  • To give the child a voice in understanding needs

In the Pack:

  • A4 Portrait – Large Widgit images and Bounce Emotional Scale Coloured Mats
  • A4 Landscape – Small Widgit images and Bounce Emotional Scale Coloured Mats

Number of Pages: 19 landscape version + 19 portrait version

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format: High Quality PDF File



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