I Feel … I Need … Visual Aids


This resource pack gives the young person a voice in communicating their needs. With this visual voice – they are heard and their needs are met

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Helping children communicate their emotional needs


This resource pack has been created to give young people a voice in communicating their needs.  With this visual voice – the young person is then able to feel heard, their needs are met and this then reduces any emotional dysregulation.


  • To communicate emotional needs
  • To communicate physical needs
  • To understand how to meet their emotional needs
  • To trust others will help them meet their needs

In the Pack:

  • I Feel – I Need Mat – with symbols
  • I Feel – I Need Mat – just text, no symbols
  • I Feel Symbol cards x  24 (3 different skin colours)
  • I Need Symbol Cards x  36 (3 different skin colours)

Number of Pages: 18

Font:  Open Dyslexic + Comic Sans (dyslexia friendly)

Format: High Quality PDF File

Access:  Once purchased, you will have life-time access to this PDF resource