I’m unable to express my emotions and become frustrated


This resource pack is ideal for children in pre-school and at home.  For those children than need visual tools to support their emotional needs.



Welcome to the I am Feeling Mat, aimed at pre-school children who need support to communicate their emotional needs.  Simply, print out and laminate – velcro the emotion cards and support the child in understanding what the emotions mean.  Thereafter, this pack will help the child to communicate their emotional needs to others.

Once the child has chosen a preferred emotion card style – you can also print them off and use them in a key-ring, for when you are in other environments.


  • To identify emotions
  • To label emotions
  • To communication emotions effectively

This Pack Contains:

  • 11 x Mats with Text, 11 x Mats with Wigits
  • Emotion Cards – hippos, people, fruit, faces, Thomas the Tank Engine, Giraffes, Emojis, Wigits

Number of Pages:  43


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