Lego-Based Social Skills Intervention


If you’re looking for an intervention programme to support the social and emotional needs of children – this is for you!

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Welcome to the training bundle on running a Lego-based Social Skills Intervention Programme.  This training bundle is filled with the knowledge, skills, and huge selection of resources.  EVERYTHING you need to run a 6-week intervention programme for children struggle with the social and emotional needs.

Objectives of the Training:

  • Awareness of the theory and goals behind this structured approach
  • Explore how to identify which children are suitable for this style of intervention
  • The practicalities of setting up and maintaining this intervention
  • Review the resources needed to run an effective session
  • Explore an example session and potential difficulties you may face
  • Review impact – how do we know when a session has been successful?
  • Celebrating success!

The Huge Selection of Resources Includes:

  • Assessment Resources
  • Session Specific Resources
  • Social Skill Resources
  • Emotional Regulation Resources
  • Reward Certificates
  • Parent Consent Letter
  • CPD Certificate of Attendance

Duration of Training:  46 mins

Access:  Unlimited access



  1. Victoria (verified owner)

    Really great value for money, brilliant resources and interesting approach to meet the needs of more children.

  2. Eden Judkins (store manager)

    I found the Lego Therapy course really useful and will definitely be looking forward to implementing in my teaching.

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