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Lego therapy interventions are designed to foster social and communication skills in children.

In this session we will look at how your setting can use the structure of this session to not only improve social and communication skills – but also improve emotional regulation.

Learning Objectives:

  • What is Lego Therapy and why is it an effective intervention for social and emotional development?
  • What research backs this up?
  • Looking at the Learning Pyramid, what considerations are there when running this intervention?
  • What assessments could we use as a baseline score? #sdq #rosenburg
  • What assessments could be used in-sessions to monitor progress?
  • What would the starter, main, and plenary look like?
  • What resources are needed and what do they look like?
  • SEMH student case study examples

Evidenced-based Sources:

  • LeGoff et al., 2014 – In one of the earliest studies, LeGoff and his team examined the effects of LEGO therapy on children with ASD. They found that children who participated in the therapy showed significant improvements in social skills, particularly in areas like joint attention, cooperation, and communication.
  • Owens et al., 2008 – This study investigated the social outcomes of LEGO therapy for children with ASD. The researchers observed improvements in social interaction, communication, and sharing behaviors among the participants.
  • Grynszpan et al., 2018 – This meta-analysis reviewed the existing literature on LEGO therapy and other social skills interventions for children with ASD. The results suggested that LEGO therapy was effective in improving social skills and communication compared to control groups or other interventions.
  • LeGoff et al., 2020 – In a follow-up study, LeGoff and his team assessed the long-term benefits of LEGO therapy by reevaluating participants five years after the initial intervention. They found that the gains in social skills were maintained over time, indicating the therapy’s potential for lasting impact.
  •  The effectiveness of LEGO®-based therapy in promoting social interaction of children with Autism Spectrum Condition
  • Cheng, Y. F., & Cheung, M. M., 2018 – Could You Give Me the Blue Brick? LEGO®-Based Therapy as a Social Development Program for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review
  • Alqahtani, M. A., Al-Zahrani, A. S., & Alshammari, A. M, 2018 – LEGO®-based Therapy for Improving Social and Emotional Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Study
  •  Koushanfar, H., & Ghaedian, S, 2018 – The effectiveness of LEGO®-based therapy for improving social and emotional skills in children with autism spectrum disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis


Resources Included

The Huge Selection of Resources Includes:

Assessment Bundle

  • Lego-style Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (2 pages)
  • Bespoke Assessment Tracker (1 page)
  • Individual Education Plan (Editable – 1 page)
  • Positive Social Behaviours Assessment Tracker (1 page)
  • Social Skills Assessment Tracker (1 page)
  • Social Skills Assessment Checklist (1 page)

Emotional Check-in Resources

  • I Feel Lego Character (6 pages)
  • Co-regulation Prompt Cards (4 pages)
  • Lego Emotional Dial (4 pages)
  • Lego Style Emotion Bricks, Scales, Strips, and Fans (linked to Bounce Framework – 10 pages)

Session Resources

  • Job Role and Posters (22 pages)
  • Behavioural Expectations (22 pages)
  • Brick Names (3 pages)
  • Emotional Skills with Lego – Activity Plans (6 activities, 2 pages)
  • Well-being Activities (11 pages)
  • 72 Energising and Creation Idea Cards (12 pages)
  • Session Outline Cards (4 pages)

Additional Resources

  • Parent Consent Letter (editable – 1 page)
  • Lego Certificates (4 pages)

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Story Changers
Story Changers
Excellent and extensive CPD offered. As a member, The Child Therapy Service is quick to get back to you with a plethora of useful and relevant information. The resources available are fantastic! Thoroughly recommend.
Jayne Burgin
Jayne Burgin
Attended this wonderfully informative webinar with really usable tools/strategies that I look forward to applying in my work as a counsellor with cyp.
April Butler
April Butler
Very happy with my Lego Intervention training. Informative session with a raft of resources, practical strategies and structured sessions to support instant implementation within my setting.
Madeline Charlton
Madeline Charlton
I have attended a LEGO Therapy course before with another company , but found it quite frustrating that it didn't cover any suggestions as to how the sessions could be adapted for children with SEMH , social/emotional needs , or disabilities. Thank you so very much for answering all my questions and giving me the confidence to implement a LEGO intervention. The attached resources are so helpful too.
Katherine Emms
Katherine Emms
Found this really interesting and I'm looking forward to putting it into place at my school in EYFS.
Heather Dawson (TU Support Staff)
Heather Dawson (TU Support Staff)
Fantastic cpd of Lego Therapy. Really interesting and informative. Presentation was very good and of good pace. Looking forward to getting this up and running within my workplace. Could I please have the trigger bundle. Thank you again for your time tonight.
Diane Davies
Diane Davies
A wonderfully supportive service that offer outstanding training on Lego-based therapy.
Bekah Gale
Bekah Gale
I really enjoyed the course it was very informative. It was great to hear how the intervention can be adapted. It was great to be able to ask questions and begin to plan for my group
Danielle Jenkins
Danielle Jenkins
Very informative session, with lots of information. Enjoyed the session, and I have taken away a lot, which I know will benefit the children within my school.
Eleanor Lockhart
Eleanor Lockhart
Really thought provoking and interesting training. Very thorough and lots of opportunity for questions. Thank you Tracy

5 reviews for Lego-Based Intervention (Live)

  1. Victoria (verified owner)

    Really great value for money, brilliant resources and interesting approach to meet the needs of more children.

  2. Eden Judkins

    I found the Lego Therapy course really useful and will definitely be looking forward to implementing in my teaching.

  3. Tanya (verified owner)

    Such an informative session!

  4. Scott Connor (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am grateful for the training. Everything was explained in detail. Thank You.

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