2: 16th Sept – Lego-based Therapy

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Welcome to Lego-based Therapy Intervention Training

Lego therapy interventions are designed to foster social and communication skills in children.

In this session we will look at how your setting can use the structure of this session to not only improve social and communication skills – but also improve emotional regulation.

Learning Objectives:

  • What is Lego Therapy and why is it an effective intervention for social and emotional development?
  • What research backs this up?
  • Looking at the Learning Pyramid, what considerations are there when running this intervention?
  • What assessments could we use as a baseline score? #sdq #rosenburg
  • What assessments could be used in-sessions to monitor progress?
  • What would the starter, main, and plenary look like?
  • What resources are needed and what do they look like?
  • SEMH student case study examples

Training Information:  This is a Live Only Training Session

Resources Included

The Huge Selection of Resources Includes:

Assessment Bundle

  • Lego-style Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (2 pages)
  • Bespoke Assessment Tracker (1 page)
  • Individual Education Plan (Editable – 1 page)
  • Positive Social Behaviours Assessment Tracker (1 page)
  • Social Skills Assessment Tracker (1 page)
  • Social Skills Assessment Checklist (1 page)

Emotional Check-in Resources

  • I Feel Lego Character (6 pages)
  • Co-regulation Prompt Cards (4 pages)
  • Lego Emotional Dial (4 pages)
  • Lego Style Emotion Bricks, Scales, Strips, and Fans (linked to Bounce Framework – 10 pages)

Session Resources

  • Job Role and Posters (22 pages)
  • Behavioural Expectations (22 pages)
  • Brick Names (3 pages)
  • Emotional Skills with Lego – Activity Plans (6 activities, 2 pages)
  • Well-being Activities (11 pages)
  • 72 Energising and Creation Idea Cards (12 pages)
  • Session Outline Cards (4 pages)

Additional Resources

  • Parent Consent Letter (editable – 1 page)
  • Lego Certificates (4 pages)

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Google Reviews

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Hazel Anderson
Hazel Anderson
I attended the online Lego Feelings Therapy course with Tracy. It was very informative of the benefits of this type of therapy and how to use it with young people as an alternative to talking therapy. As a Pastoral Support worker, supporting young people with their mental health and emotional regulation, this was an invaluable piece of training to add a different cog to the therapy experience and act as a hook for those interested in Lego, or that find talking about their emotions directly quite difficult. Tracy was warm, friendly and personable. Thank you.
Rachael McFarlane
Rachael McFarlane
I found the session with Tracy very insightful and appreciated the trauma-informed knowledge for the delivery of Lego-based interventions. Great resources too I look forward to using them, thank you!
Mrs C Broom
Mrs C Broom
Great visual training which sung to me as a visual learner. Loved the window of tolerance Lego version. Thank you
kelly bendon
kelly bendon
Amazing training attachment informed and so functional
Karen Pearce
Karen Pearce
I just attended the Lego Therapy Intervention course and I have learned so much. Thank you for all of the resources that will be extremely valuable for myself and the children I work with. Highly recommended!
Kirsty Webster
Kirsty Webster
Super training with such a knowledgeable practitioner. Engaging, interesting and full of strategies and techniques I was able to take away and start implementing straight away! I’d highly recommend this to everyone looking to add creative skills to their tool kit - just wonderful!
J Hopkins
J Hopkins
Thank you so much Tracey for the great Art Therapy training that you did tonight. I'm really looking forward to using the tools with the young people that i support
Gemma Mills
Gemma Mills
Training is amazing and the resources are wonderful too...

5 reviews for 2: 16th Sept – Lego-based Therapy

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