Hands are Not for Hitting Bumper Pack


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Helping children stop hitting out in angry outbursts


The goal of this bumper resource pack, is to help children understand that hands are used for acts of kindness – not for hurting others. This has been achieved by creating a social story – with images of people, so that they can see the facial expressions of others. Social stories are a great way of describing specific situations and explaining other people’s perspectives.  Thereafter, it builds on this knowledge – through activities and visual aids that can be applied in real-life situations.


  • To Understand That Hands Are Used for Acts of Kindness
  • To Understand the Emotions associated with Kind and Unkind Hands
  • To Reinforce Positive Behaviours
  • To Teach Explicit Skills of Kind Hands
  • To use Visual Aids to Reinforce Kind Behaviours

In this Pack

  • Activity 1: ‘Hands are Wonderful Things!
    • Story Pack
    • Story Prompt Cards
    • Emotion Prompts
  • Activity 2: Understand How to Use Positive Hands 
    • Action to Feeling Table
    • Kind Hands – Action Images x 48
    • Emotional Scale – Emotion Words
    • Emotion Widgits
  • Activity 3: Understand Preventative Measures of Calming Angry Hands
    • Sequence Mat
    • Stop Visual Cards
    • Self-regulation Visual Cards

Number of Pages: 62

Font:  Open Dyslexic and Comic Sans

Format: High Quality PDF File



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