Growth Mindset Pack (Chimp)



Welcome to the Growth Mindset Pack

This pack links to the Bounce Framework, so that you are able to discuss the Monkey Mind unhelpful thought patterns and how the Wise Owl can help sooth it, in different contexts.

These unhelpful thought patterns, also known as cognitive distortions, are ways of thinking that are irrational, negative, and often lead to emotional distress and unproductive behaviours.  These negative patterns can influence how children perceive themselves, others, and the world around them.

As we know, negative thought patterns have a huge impact on a child’s emotional state and actions.  With these posters, information cards, and activity suggestions – the facilitator can help children recognise when their Chimp has taken over and effective strategies to listen to the wise part of themselves.

Examples of unhelpful thought patterns posters include:

  • All-or-Nothing Thinking:  Seeing situations in extreme terms, with no middle ground.
  • Overgeneralisation:  Drawing broad conclusions from one specific event or piece of evidence.
  • Catastrophising:  Expecting the worst possible outcome in a situation and blowing things out of proportion.
  • Mind Reading: Assuming you know what others are thinking or feeling, often in a negative way.



  • To replace fixed beliefs with growth-oriented ones
  • To embrace challenges as opportunities for learning
  • To learn from mistakes and see them as valuable experiences
  • To begin to foster emotional resilience and bounce back from setbacks
  • To seek feedback and use it for improvement
  • To begin to understand negative cycles of thoughts and behaviours
  • To begin to create a toolbox of strategies to stop negative thought patterns and behaviours

In the Pack

In the Pack

  • A4 Landscape Posters (linked to the Bounce Framework)
  • Information cards per Negative Thought Pattern
  • Flash cards
  • Mini-poster Cards
  • 5 Different Activity Ideas for Negative Thought Pattern

Posters, Overview Cards, Flash Cards, and Activity Ideas to improve:

  • Black and White Thinking
  • Mental Filter
  • Over Generalising
  • Discounting the Positive
  • Mind Reading
  • Catastrophic Thinking
  • Emotional Reasoning
  • Labelling
  • Personalisation

Fonts:  Arial

Number of Pages:  42

Format: High Quality PDF Files

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