Grounding Techniques – Self-soothing/Comforting


These techniques comfort ourselves in times of emotional distress. These exercises can help promote good feelings that may help the negative feelings fade or seem less overwhelming

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This pack has been created, so that the adult working with the child – has a toolkit of resources/techniques available to them, to model to the child how they can regulate their system back to a safer state.  This pack focuses on self-soothing/comforting activities – which are ideal if the child is in Activation Level 5 or 4.


  • To understand that self-soothing/comforting techniques can calm the nervous system
  • To understand that they are able to regulate away from destress
  • To identify which technique works

In the Pack:

  • Self-soothing/comforting techniques x 8 idea cards

Number of Pages: 5

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format: High Quality PDF File



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