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Welcome to the Emotional Activation/Trigger Resource Pack (Lego-Style)

The Emotional Activation Scale™ has been created – to give the child visual aids in understanding that emotions have lots of energy. And sometimes – when
our body has been programmed to link high energy to anxiety. This is when we might misinterpret exciting times in our life – with worry and stress.

Then, as we begin to inaccurately programme these experiences into subconscious mind. All our future actions, thoughts and feelings become based on this
programme. We therefore, live in a loop of our past negative programming – without questioning if it’s true or not! But not anymore! With the Emotional
Activation Scale™ comes a new awareness and perspective.  There are different versions – so that they can be used with different ages.

How to use the Pack:

  • Print off resources (laminate mats relevant to that child)
  • Complete the activities:
    • Activity 1: Introducing the Scale
    • Activity 2: Identifying Triggers

Activities come with everything you need (and more) – with a clear outline of the activity, the objective and resources to achieve it.


Once you have a clear idea of why a child is feeling as they are – you have the power to change their environment, to enable them to move down to the scale into a safe, healing space – where everything is possible!



  • To help the child identify that emotions are changes to energy states connected to their nervous system
  • To help children recognise what state they are in
  • To help children understand that activities/thoughts/senses are connected to their emotional state
  • To help children recognise and understand that emotional states are healing, energising, and depleting
  • To help children identify activities that are healing and energising for their nervous system


In the Pack

This pack contains:

  • An introducing to the Scale
  • An overview of what the Activation Scale is and how to use it
  • An outline of the levels of this scale and when to support a child
  • An outline of how to use the Scale include 2 activities
  • Vocabulary mats
  • Things that help me feel … mats
  • This is where I feel … mats
  • This is when I feel … mats
  • Energy mats (linked to visual batteries)
  • Emotion Strips
  • Vocabulary Strips
  • Lego-Style Strips


Number of Pages: 38

Font: Ariel

Format: High quality PDF



Google Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
Pauline Delaney
Pauline Delaney
I always enjoy zoom sessions with Tracy and her guest speakers; they're always informative without being preachy and are completely non-judgemental. She has such insight and empathy as to the needs of the children - and adults - that we're trying to help and a huge part of this is questioning what 'help' is needed in the first place, and how this can be delivered in a meaningful and non-damaging way.
Ailsa Boot
Ailsa Boot
Running a Lego-Based Therapy Intervention training was excellent. So much great advice and the ability to ask questions live and receive detailed helpful answers. Brilliant for practitioners starting out and wondering where to begin - lots of links to support resources as well. Highly recommended!
Mikylla Elshof
Mikylla Elshof
Tracy is incredibly passionate about her work and this showed through the live Lego Therapy intervention training and help and support both before and after the live session. I found the intervention training really useful and can apply it straight to my setting. I won't hesitate to do further training with her.
Kathleen Maloney
Kathleen Maloney
I felt the training was a good intro to Lego Therapy. I would have liked more examples of what an actual session would look like.
Aimee Honeywell
Aimee Honeywell
very informative and enthusiastic. excellent resources
maria scali
maria scali
*loved this course, it was so easy to follow and the presentation was fantastic
Senco Gurukula
Senco Gurukula
Very helpful and informative.
Emily Waller
Emily Waller
Great course on Lego therapy intervention, I particularly liked how this can support objectives within an EHCP, highly recommend.
Amy Winter
Amy Winter
Fantastic Lego Intervention training delivered by Tracy. Very informative and enjoyable.

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