Emotional Awareness Question Cards


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  • To build emotional awareness
  • To explore other people’s emotions
  • To build social skills
  • To begin to expand the skill of empathy


This resource pack has been created to provide the facilitator with thoughtful questions that allow the child to share their innermost feelings, deepen introspection, their perspective over situations, and emotional awareness.  Simply, print them out – laminate them and then take turns picking up a card, reading it out and then answering the question.  Ideal for 1:1 or small group work.  For younger children, simply re-word it for them.

Questions include:

  • “If you could have any view from your bedroom window what would it be?”
  • “Is it ok to lie?”
  • “If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake?”

This pack contains:

  • 56 emotional awareness question cards

Number of pages: 29


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