Emotion Checkers Game


Sometimes, when a child is overwhelmed – they need another way to communicate!

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Helping children talk about emotional experiences


This virtual checkers board game has been created to give the facilitator a creative way of helping a child discuss their feelings – with reduced pressure.  It is ideal for children that struggle to express their emotions, or need a structured approach.


  • To give a young person a creative platform to express emotions
  • To be able to communicate named emotions
  • To be able to communicate examples of when emotions were expressed

In the Pack:

A virtual checkers board with named emotions on each piece.  Simply, take turns to capture an opponent’s piece and then reading the emotion – discuss a time that you/the child experienced that emotion.  This is a great tool for remote sessions.

Number of Pages:  2

Font:  Comic Sans

Format:  Powerpoint. Simply, upload the file into your Google Drive and then go into editor mode and share the file to enable the child to move game pieces on their device.