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Welcome to the I am Feeling: Emotion Bundle

Visual aids like pictures and images are great tools to help children who have difficulty expressing their emotions. Emotions can be hard to explain with words, but pictures make it easier for children to show how they feel.

These pictures represent feelings like happy, sad, or angry, helping children understand and talk about their emotions. Visual aids also give children the confidence to share their needs and feelings, making communication simpler and more enjoyable for everyone.



  • Simplify emotional expression for children who find it challenging to verbalise their feelings.
  • Provide a universal language that transcends language barriers, making emotions more accessible to all children.
  • Offer a concrete representation of emotions, helping children understand and identify their feelings more effectively.
  • Create a non-threatening and comfortable environment for children to express their emotions without fear of judgment.
  • Aid memory recall, enabling children to remember and discuss past emotional experiences.
  • Enhance communication for children with speech delays or communication difficulties.
  • Empower children by giving them the tools to express themselves confidently.
  • Improve emotional literacy, helping children recognise and label different emotions.
  • Support emotional regulation and coping skills development.
  • Help parents, caregivers, and professionals better understand and support a child’s emotional needs.

Pack Details

This Pack Contains:

  • 11 x Mats with Text, 11 x Mats with Wigits
  • Emotion Cards – hippos, people, fruit, faces, Thomas the Tank Engine, Giraffes, Emojis, Wigits

Number of Pages:  43


  • Print out
  • Select mat and laminate
  • Select image cards and laminate them
  • Use velcro to apply the card to the mat
  • Re-print cards to create a keyring

Have a copy at home, in the setting, and available on a keyring to use in different environments

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