Therapeutic Support: Drawing & Talking®

People suffering with poor mental health are often unable to express their feelings in ordinary verbal language. The Drawing and Talking® therapeutic approach allow children to discover and communicate emotions through a non-directed technique. This is what sets it apart from existing solution-focused and cognitive-based therapies and interventions.


Welcome to Drawing & Talking®

Drawing and Talking is a person-centred therapy focusing on prevention, early intervention and recovery.

It provides a highly effective person-centred therapeutic playwork approach, this tier 1-2 intervention is intended to complement rather than replace the work of CAMHS, art or other specialist therapists; enabling children who would otherwise go untreated to get the help they need before problems become entrenched.

Drawing and Talking technique is a safe and easy to learn short term, time-limited therapy to be used with anyone (age 5+) who has suffered trauma or has underlying emotional difficulties.


Work with the children needs is carried out safely and non-intrusively, with respect for their own pace and state of being.  The child sets the pace and decides what to bring to the session.  It is recommended that a child completes a set of 12 sessions.

It is seen that after completion of Drawing and Talking Therapy Session, children are more able to control their behaviour, better able to access an academic curriculum and most importantly have higher self-esteem; this allows them to thrive in the world around them.  This is why so many children access this within a school setting.

Sessions may involve drawing or sand-tray work.  They are moulded to the needs of the child – so that every child can access this therapeutic support.


  • One to One Zoom Session:  £30
  • Face to Face Session: £35
  • Group Session: £12.50
  • Duration:  35 minutes
  • Discounts:  Block booking & concession discounts available on request

Why not arrange a free 20 minute consultation and see if it’s the right fit for your child or a child in your setting?

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1 review for Therapeutic Support: Drawing & Talking®

  1. Mum of 6 yr old (store manager)

    When my son started Drawing and Talking sessions with Tracy, within a few sessions I could notice a difference in the way he was able to express what was in his mind, his heart and his body.

    He seems to be more accepting of his feelings and more open to explore his choices regarding his behaviour. He is also expressing himself more joyfully, through other artistic means; either through dancing, singing, blue tack or Lego.

    Tracy is a natural at connecting with my son, so he feels a greater sense of safety and comfort to share what is alive in him emotionally, mentally, and physically.  This in turn leads to a greater sense of self knowing and self-acceptance. Thank you, Tracy, for helping my son and I experience a greater sense of self, each other, and life.

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