Why Do Some Children Behave Differently At School Than Home?


This recorded training is aimed at parents and professionals looking to understand why some children have different behaviours at home verses school.

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Different Behaviour Between Home and School


This training is aimed at parents and professionals looking to understand why some children have different behaviours at home verses school.

Objectives of the training, through the viewpoint of the child:

  • Why I show different emotions at home verses school
  • Why I can struggle to keep things together for a whole day
  • What is happening inside my brain – to make me act differently – physically, psychologically, academically, and socially
  • That, a times, my brain is being triggered – and I feel unsafe
  • How to help me to regulate my nervous system at home and at school
  • The importance of teamwork – because when everyone is helping me in the same way, it makes me feel safe

Included Resources:

  • Visual Planner
  • Challenging Behaviour Toolkit
  • Sensory Profile Checklist
  • Pupil Voice Assessment
  • Skill-based Assessment
  • Bounce Emotional Scale Pack
  • Mindfulness Pack
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Managing Emotions 5 – 14 yrs (2 packs)
  • Includes a Certificate of Completion

Access:  These sessions can be accessed from the privacy of your own home for a period of 7 days


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