Multi-sensory Regulation


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Recognising when our nervous system is overwhelmed allows us to develop a greater understanding of our own sensory experiences and how they impact us. It helps us become more attuned to our body’s signals and sensory responses, promoting self-awareness and self-care.  In this training, we explore this in detail and look at how we can create an individual regulation profile to meet a child’s needs.

  • Training Duration:  1hr


Training Objectives

Learning Objectives:

  • To Understand the Neuroscience behind Sensory and Emotional Overwhelm #polyvagal #neuroception #interoception #exteroception
  • To understand how systems can be Activated/trigged and how to use multi-sensory regulation tools to sooth the system back down
  • To understand each of the Sensory Systems and how we can be hypersensitive or hyposensitive to our environment
  • To understand how we can become Overwhelmed by our Sensory System due to Processing Difficulties
  • To Understand how to Create a Individualised MultiSensory Regulation Profile and Toolkit #trauma-informed #neuro-diversity-affirming


Resources Included:

Emotional Scale Resources

  • The Bounce Emotional Scale – Strips + Fans

Sensory Regulation Resources

  • Sensory Regulator Checklist
  • Sensory Wellbeing Support Plan – example
  • Sensory Wellbeing Support Plan
  • Sensory Wellbeing Support Plan – Visuals
  • Multi sensory regulation toolkit profile sheet

Sensory Profiling (Next Steps)

  • Sensory Difficulties Checklist

How to Access the Training

How to Access the Training

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