Co-regulation Cards

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Not everyone has received the training … not everyone can remember the right words.  But with these prompt cards – you have direction, focus, and clear intention


Co-regulation provides a safe and secure emotional environment for children. When caregivers and professionals respond consistently and sensitively to a child’s emotional needs, the child learns that their feelings are valid and that they can trust their caregiver to provide comfort and support.

These scripts provide clear and consistent language and actions to guide adults in supporting children’s emotional needs. They help caregivers and professionals respond in a predictable manner, which can be comforting for children.




  • To regulate a dysregulated child
  • To help soothe the emotional needs of the child
  • To help de-escalate

In the Pack

In the Pack

This pack contains 18 card prompts, each are effective in their approach to de-escalate vulnerable children

Number of Pages: 4

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format:  High quality PDF File


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