Co-regulation Prompt Cards


Not everyone has received the training … not everyone can remember the right words.  But with these prompt cards – you have direction, focus, and clear intention

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Co-regulation is when we, as adults, support the emotional needs of a child – that is unable to self-sooth.  These simple, yet effective, prompt cards – give the adult a selection of ideas to use 1:1, within a class setting – or as part of an intervention.  Why not put them in your pocket or hang them from your lanyard.


  • To regulate a dysregulated child
  • To help soothe the emotional needs of the child
  • To help de-escalate

In the Pack

This pack contains 18 card prompts, each are effective in their approach to de-escalate vulnerable children

Number of Pages: 4

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format:  High quality PDF File




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