Brain-break Music Video – Jelly Fish


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Helping children feel calmer through a focused brain break activity


This relaxing music video gives the facilitator a tool to create a calm, nurturing, safe environment.  It is an ideal starter to any intervention – simply, press play and use the music to guide belly breathing or just let them watch it!  It has been used many times in an SEMH nurture group – with wonderful results!  Not all children can sit in stillness – now they can achieve calm, with a tool that enables them to.

This resource can be used:

  • In yoga sessions
  • As background music in classrooms
  • In a brain-break activity
  • In a relaxation session
  • In a therapeutic intervention (providing predictability)


  • To calm the nervous system
  • To understand what calm feels like
  • To understand how to use music to guide relaxation

In the Pack:

  • A pdf file that links to a private Vimeo music video to download onto any device

Duration:  21 mins

Format: High Quality Graphics MP4 Video