Brown, White, and Pink Noise

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Welcome to the Brown, White, and Pink Noise

What is White Noise?

White noise, the most common type of colour noise, consists of a balanced blend of all audible sound frequencies in the spectrum, often referred to as ‘broadband noise.’ It creates a soothing, static-like sound by mixing different frequencies, resembling the gentle hum of a fan, the quiet hum of an air conditioner, or the distant sound of a vacuum.

Studies suggest that white noise could offer various benefits, such as promoting better sleep, calming babies to reduce crying, potentially aiding in improved focus during study work, and possibly helping to ease symptoms associated with ADHD.

What is Pink Noise?

Pink noise functions as a constant background sound, effectively muting distracting elements such as conversations or passing vehicles, thus promoting an uninterrupted sleep environment. Often referred to as ambient noise, it serves a similar purpose to white noise but operates with deeper, mellower tones and lower sound waves, offering a potentially gentler and more soothing experience. Essentially, pink noise maintains a lower pitch compared to white noise.

This form of noise sustains a consistent frequency, creating a smooth and uniform sound akin to a gentle rain, the soft rustle of wind through trees, or the serene waves lapping on a beach. Its deeper resonance and lower waves effectively filter out higher-pitched sounds, allowing for a more calming auditory experience filled with relaxing, lower-frequency tones.

What is Brown Noise?

Often referred to as red noise, brown noise generates a deep, rumbling sound with a bass-heavy quality, distinct from both pink and white noise. In contrast to pink noise, the sound intensity decreases significantly as the frequency ascends, resulting in a texture akin to a continuous, intense rainfall or a powerful, consistent shower. Some sleep applications opt for this sound over pink noise for its deeper, grittier effect.

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