Bounce Scale – Strips and Fans


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Helping children understand and manage their emotions


Welcome to the Bounce Scale. This scale has been adapted from the principles of the Polyvagal Theory of Dr Porges. It is a visual way to show children how their nervous system responds to what is happening in their external environment and also by their thoughts.

It is this activation of arousal, moving up and down the different emotional states, that influenced the Bounce Scale©.

For many children, talking about how they feel – can be a difficult concept. This resource pack – not only provides a visual representation of emotions – but also helps the child understand where this emotion is on their resilience scale. How far away are they from a calm state? It works perfectly with all the other resources created on this site!


  • To identify emotions in self and others
  • To express emotional needs to self and others
  • To label emotions in self and others

The Pack Contains:

  • An Introduction to the Nervous System
  • An Introduction to the Activation Scale (Bounce Scale)
  • Bounce Scale™ – Number/Monkey/Character/Word Strips
  • Bounce Scale™ – Number/Monkey/Character/Word Fan

Number of pages:  16

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format: High quality PDF file



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