Interoception – Body Scan (Lego)



Welcome to the Body Scan Resource

This engaging and visual resource has been created to provide a tool to help children understand the physical sensations within themselves. By identifying changes in physical sensations, we become more capable of linking them to emotions and subsequently recognising these changes as they occur.

It is recommended that this resource forms part of a holistic approach, empowering children with the tools to identify and then address their emotional needs.

How to Use:

  • Print the resources (laminate for durability).
  • Guide the child through a body scan, focusing on each body part, from their toes to their head.
  • Ask them what sensations they feel inside.
  • Once completed – go through each area.
  • If a child is struggling – complete an emotional regulation activity to support them

This is a valuable tool to identify unmet needs. Once the scan is complete, it will offer insights into why a child might be struggling in their environment. Subsequently, it allows for adjustments to the environment to support their needs.



  • To enable children to recognise and label the physical sensations of emotions 
  • To help children link physical sensations to an emotion (with support, as needed)
  • To provide an emotional check-in to help communicate emotions
  • To provide a tool in helping children managing their emotions (via co-regulation)  

In the Pack

This pack contains:

  • Body Outline
  • Lego Characters (to fit outline)
  • Emotion Words (linked to scale)
  • Physical sensations (interoceptive awareness) x 33 widget image cards

Number of Pages:  11

Format: High Quality PDF File