Binaural Beats


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Helping children feel calm and relaxed through binaural beats


This music video track was created due to the growing (and very interesting) research into the benefits of listening to binaural beats, with regard to reducing symptoms of mild anxiety (1) (2).  It is ideal to incorporate into a young person’s emotional well-being programme.


  • To aid in relaxation
  • To improve mood
  • To reduce symptoms of mild anxiety

How to use:  

  • Find a quiet place, safe place, and get comfortable.
  • Wearing a headset, begin to listen to the music.
  • Close your eyes or wear an eye mask (to reduce visual stimuli).
  • Take some deep breaths. Breath a 10 second breath cycle. Inhale 5 seconds and exhale 5 seconds. Focus on expanding your diaphragm during the inhale and contracting upon the exhale. Let your breathing be smooth and relaxed. Notice how you feel.
  • Now, remember a place in your memory where you feel calm and peaceful. This place can be real or imagined. It’s a special place where you feel especially good and at ease. Access all the sensory details to make it feel as real as possible. How does it look? What you do you feel? What do you hear? Do you taste anything? Try to access all the positive feelings associated with this place.
  • Notice how you feel and what sensations are in your body.
  • Remember, you can always return to this place whenever you need.

In the Pack:  PDF linking to MP4 music video for instant download onto any device

Duration: 50 mins


Format: PDF File linked to MP4 video

Access:  Once purchased, you will have life-time access to this resource




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